Shorts Review: Mind Janitors ”Shark Weak”


From the guy that brought you Don’t Feed the Humans comes a new workplace comedy about a team whom has to go into peoples’ minds and clean up whatever’s mess is in there. This week, we meet a dude whom is afraid of sharks due to the fact that he watched Jaws when he was a kid all by himself.

The best way to describe the series is if Inception met Archer and yes Seb is just as random as Sterling as he wastes no time in breaking out keytars, talking about sex, and fighting delicious treats. Naomi is just as sick of Seb’s shit as Lana is of Sterling Archer’s, and Dell is just a lovable softie.

The premise of the series is smarter than Shorkey’s prior efforts because you have WAY more variety in terms of places you can go with this show and can probably introduce as many characters as you want no questions asked. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and for the most part, Mind Janitors leaves in all of the good stuff.



John Schwarz

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