Shorts Review: Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles ”Big”


Spoilers Below

On the latest of the bizarre animated shorts for Machinima coming from DC Comics, we get one in an alternate universe featuring Wonder Woman as the New God Bekka as she saves her dude Steve Trevor from a massive army of Kobra soldiers and a little present. That little present is actually a big huge robot, but Wonder Woman makes rather quick work of her.

Our Take

I don’t even like¬†Wonder Woman…like at all. But, this version of Wonder Woman I can get behind. She’s a bit more whorish than your typical take on the DC Comics character and I like that. We need more of that in online animation, producers who take chances on shit like that. Unfortunately, I thought the robot monster was your typical robot monster, but overall we get another strong animated short that clearly shows that there are people at DC Comics having a bunch of fun at fucking with our heads.

Watch it here.


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