Shorts Review: Future-Worm! ”No Anchovies!”

FUTURE-WORM! - "Future-Worm!," created by the Emmy Award-winning director Ryan Quincy ("South Park," IFC's "Out There"), is coming to Disney XD in short-form and a newly announced full-length series beginning in fall 2015.  Quincy, who joined the Disney Television Animation team in 2013, is the executive producer. (Disney XD) TITLE CARD

Spoilers Below

Future-Worm does NOT like anchovies on his pizza, so imagine his surprise when he and Danny have to go to an alternate dimension where not only do they have to get their order, but fight off an anchovy in the process. But, it’s pizza and pizza is delicious.

Our Take

I could go for a few slices. Until then, Future-Worm looks like a solid addition to the Disney XD lineup. It’s a series that provides a nice change of pace in a lineup that can get a little stagnant with originals at times and that’s a good thing. I kinda want to see different characters as time goes on because I know Ryan Quincy is awesome at developing those, but overall we get a good first go. I will go more in depth into Future-Worm! as a whole later in the week.



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