Shorts Review: 16-Bit High School “Goombas are People Too”

Professor Croft is a clever girl. Find out what happens when she pops a final in the middle of the school year!


Professor Croft drops a bombshell on the class where there will be a final and it counts for the entire grade. Maria, Epona, Jimmy, and Mega-Kid are shot into the portal dimension with their weaknesses coming soon after. Everyone tries to deal with their weaknesses, when Mega-Kid inadvertently gives Maria the thought of switching weaknesses. All of the weakness are taken care of, except for Maria’s Goombas. The gang has a philosophical problem, until Jimmy wakes up, and splatters the Goomba into the floorboards. The guys are transported back out, and they make it to Sophomore year!

This episode was just two back drops: Portal, and the classroom. It’s rather simple, but also very effective. Mega-Kid looks like a bitch again, doubly so because he can’t even fight his weakness. Yeah, Mega-Kid gets tripped up on spikes. This is also a great five minute diversion. I am not entirely sure, but I think this may be the season finale, because why would the students move onto Sophomore year in the middle of the season?

This video was hilarious! Check out the video here!


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