SDCC sues Salt Lake City Comic Con


During this past year’s San Diego Comic Con festivities, the producers of the third largest Comic Con in America  (behind San Diego and New York respectively) Salt Lake City Comic Con had sent an Audi-skinned with the show’s graphics for display as a sort of promotion. The producers of San Diego Comic Con filed a lawsuit claiming that the producers of the Salt Lake convention are just ripping them off and that they should change their name or shut the hell down.

Salt Lake’s defense is a good one…the fact that there are thousands of Comic Cons all over the country, and that they are just like the others only in Utah. The organizers have posted up details about the law suit as well as all of the press coverage concerning the law suit and you can read about that here.

I honestly don’t feel the San Diego Comic Con producers have a case, even if San Diego has the trademark, I doubt much will change. What are they going to do? Send 30 dudes cosplaying as Hello Kitty to shut down each and every Comic Con? Doubtful. In related news, Salt Lake City Comic Con is rumored to include Manute Bol and all of his wives.

John Schwarz

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