RWBY Vol.5 Trailer Released

Get hyped, suckaz!

RoosterTeeth has officially released the Vol.5 trailer of RWBY which shows a series of sub-plots slowly coming together, including the brief appearance of the White Fang leader/Adam’s boss Sienna Khan.

In other news, the Kickstarter-funded “RWBY: Combat Ready” Board Game has reached another goal by adding Cinder Falls as another villain in the mix alongside the previously mentioned Adam Taurus Villain Deck.

Our Take

I’m excited beyond measure regarding what we could possibly expect in Vol.5. We may not see Team RWBY assembled yet but more characters are getting their moment to shine that were briefly mentioned in Vol.4 like Adam’s boss Sienna and Haven’s Headmaster Professor Lionheart.

I kept expecting a new Yang trailer to be up first before this one but let’s see how the rest of this week turns out…

RWBY Vol.5 will make it’s big premiere October 14th on Rooster Teeth.

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