Roster Breakdown: Cassius & Clay


CAST (9)

Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Brickleberry) will star as the slick, heavy-drinking Ordwood Cassius alongside Ordwood Cassius alongside Lake Bell (Childrens Hospital) as gunslinger Shopcarter Clay. Susan Sarandon will play a callous booze/girl-pushing saloon/brothel owner named Connie Mack.

Co-stars will include JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as the town’s only doctor, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show) as a local blacksmith, Jeffrey Tambour (Arrested Development) as the mayor, Stephen Root (King of the Hill) as a preacher, Katy Mixon (Mike & Molly) as two “sister whores,” and Robert Patrick (a.k.a. the fucking T-1000) as a tax collector.

Quick-hit Thought

Kaitlin Olson was the original ‘Ethel’ on Brickleberry and she was really very good and I can’t believe this show got Susan Sarandon! That’s a steal, the last time I saw her was in Tammy as the titular character’s grandma and she was kind of a drunk in that movie, too so this is a good fit.  Jeff Tambour, Stephen Root, and JB Smoove are all vested voice actors with varying ranges of experience. I like JB in small does, but my favorite role of his was when he was in Black Dynamite as ‘That Frog Curtis’. Jeffrey Tambor is a Golden Globe winner and is Baby Cakes’ dad in China IL which again…STEAL. Kevin Michael Richardson is as popular of a utility voice player as there is in the game right now, and I can’t believe Robert Patrick the fucking T-1000 is in this show. Maybe one of the best ensemble casts that I’ve seen in a while.

Writers for pilot (2)

Quick-hit Thought

Modern Family‘s Megan Ganz and Archer‘s Adam Reed. I’ve watched very little of Modern Family, but it’s won a bunch of awards and is currently airing on like five different networks so they must be doing something right. I have to imagine that Adam Reed is going to have to get a whole writing team if this series gets picked up because there’s no fucking chance he would be able to write Archer AND this show all by himself.

Studio (1)

Quick-hit thought

Adam Reed’s partner in crime Matt Thompson is behind the eight ball as producer of Cassius & Clay along with the fabulous studio in Floyd County Productions. Floyd County is behind the amazing Archer, but has struggled to get a second series on FX with Unsupervised and Chozen both getting the axe.

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