Rick and Morty: Rushed License Adventures available for play on Adult Swim!



Along with putting up the first full episode of Rick and Morty online available for everyone to see, Adult Swim posted up a brand-new game inspired by the upcoming series called Rushed License Adventures’

The game is a point and click 2D Adventure Game that has a bunch of puzzles and let’s you click on monsters and other objects to help solve said puzzles. The real treat is the dialogue coming from Morty as you click on shit, my personal favorite being in the first level when you try to click to go in the back yard only to hear that the backyard wasn’t put in for the game budget.

Check out the game here, and while you’re at it check out these sneak peek clips for Adult Swim’s newest series Rick and Morty set to air next Monday Night @ 10:30 pm EST, check your local listings!:

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