Rick and Morty Bits: GTA V Mods ; Szechuan Sauce

Some fandoms are cool, others are getting ridiculous.

Ever since Adult Swim has aired the Rick and Morty Season Three surprise episode on April Fools Day, the big topic to come out of that episode is the running Szechuan sauce gag, which is probably great for the producers because now they don’t have to hear about when the new season is coming from the  rags every 10 seconds (the show is coming in the Summer).

Unfortunately, this Szechuan sauce deal has become a big fucking headache. Everything from complaints for and against it to petitions about the sauce and even the executive brass of McDonald’s commenting on it. Somewhere out there, Carl’s Jr. has to be pissed off because no one’s talking about them in the same way they are talking about the house that Ronald McDonald built.

The latest hit sees some random dude cleaning out his car and getting almost $15k for a packet of the Asian-inspired sauce on eBay!

Let me tell you something kids, the sauce isn’t even that great. I was here for it, too. It’s certainly not $15k worth of great.

You know what IS great? Mods inspired by Rick and Morty for GTA V!

John Schwarz

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