Review: Star vs The Forces of Evil “Star Comes to Earth/Party With a Pony”


Star Comes to Earth

Spoilers Below

Star Butterfly is the princess of a magical land called Munie. She spends her time fighting monsters and taming wild unicorns. Even in her dimension, this isn’t how princesses are supposed to act. On the 14th birthday, Star is set to receive the royal magic wand, a very important family heirloom. However, her mother isn’t convinced that Star can handle the wand. Shortly after the ceremony, Star’s magical rainbow catches fire, cementing the Queen’s opinion of her daughter. Star is convinced that she is about to be sent to princess reform school as a result of her actions. Instead, her parents send her to Earth, where there is no magic.

At school on Earth, she is paired with Marco Diaz. Despite his protests to the contrary, Marco is considered “the safe one” at school since he is always obeying the rules and looking out for random dangers. When he finds out that Star has magical powers, he isn’t really sure what to think. When he finds out that Star will be living with his family, he is sure that his life is over. It isn’t until a gang of monsters attacks the teens at a local convenience store that he figures out that Star can provide the risks and adventures he has been longing for.

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Party With a Pony”

In the second half of the episode, Star’s best friend, Flying Princess Pony Head, shows up to hang out with her. And Pony Head has brought a pair of dimension scissors, which is the tool everyone uses to travel through dimensions. Pony Head is super jealous of Star’s friendship with Marco and spends every second trying to sabotage it. Unbeknownst to the trio, As they travel through the dimensions in search of fun, they are chased by some rather large men. Shortly after the group reaches the arcade dimension, Pony Head abandons Marco in an attempt to flee their pursuers. Star flips out at Pony Head when she finds out what her friend has done. Pony Head gives Star the dimensional scissors and heads back to the arcade to save Marco.

Not knowing that he was abandoned, Marco was captured by the mysterious men, who are now interrogating him to find out where Pony Head has gone. Pony Head distracts the men so Star can rescue Marco. However, it is quickly revealed that the men were chasing Pony Head in order to take her to the princess reform school. Pony Head just wanted one more night out with her bestie before she was sent away. Star and Marco return to the Diaz house to watch television and eat nachos.

Both my daughter and I loved this show. There was the magical girl element, the humor, the action, and characters who were actually interesting. This is definitely different from any other show on the Disney Channel. I’m not sure if it’s because this is the first series created by a woman for the Disney Channel/Disney XD or if it is because Disney is broadening their animated spectrum. I just hope that the rest of the series is as awesome as the premiere.

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