Review: Space Dandy “A Race in Space Is Dangerous, Baby”

Does this episode run like Jimmy Johnson, or does it hit the wall like Dale Earnhardt? Jump in to find out!

Spoilers Below

Out in the deep reaches of space, at a restaurant called Boobies, we see Dandy sweet-talking another waitress. Unfortunately, he is outshined by Prince, a top flight racer. Dandy gets the idea to become a racer. He enters the latest race the Megalantic Grand Prix with the Little Aloha, and it’s a no hold’s barred race. They are getting ready to race, and they get ripped by their robot Zed, and their Mickey Mouse look-alike lawyer Squeek. We get a brief cameo by the Golgol Empire, then we get a start. Prince is in the lead, of course, with Dandy surprisingly in second.  Dr. Gel gets into a speeder and races off, before he loses Dandy again.

Dandy loses his spot, and is hard at work trying to catch up. He’s using a tactic that blows up other racers, to bounce off and get more speed. Dr. Gel is getting used as a means to get ahead.  Meanwhile, Dandy gets the lead briefly, when Prince was caught up by a kraken. Prince catches up to Dandy, but he gets caught up in a sticky gel inside a shack. Squeek got an explosive under Dandy’s ship, as a last resort. After a fuelign mishap, Dandy is in last place. He uses another last resort to get himself back in second. Dr. Gel finally catches up, but crashes before he was able to catch him. Dandy jettisoned every loose item, to get an extra boost. Squeek decided to blow the explosive, causing the ships to go faster than light, and for Dandy to go 5.6 million years into the future. The last vision is Dandy looking at a Buddha-esque statue of himself.

This was a great episode, but I feel it tripped up at the end. I know the show has a lot of messed up endings, but this just went too left field. Prince has a slight homoerotic moment before the ships are stuck together, and Dandy gets blasted to the distant future. I was very confused. I dug the Dandy Buddha, though.The Golgol finally showed up, but they were relegated to cheap comic relief at the end. Maybe it’s just me, but this has a definite feeling of a let down after the amazing episode we had last week. Where that one had perfect timing, this stumbled out of the gate and crashed on turn 4.



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