Episode Synopsis: The boys try zip-lining in the Colorado mountains on the last day of spring break, but their adventure takes a dangerous, life-threatening turn. Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2012

Spoilers Below

Christ, this one fucking hurt. So besides cartoons and sports, I’m kinda a big fan of a bunch of reality shows. Hold up, before you judge, I enjoy reality shows like Storage Wars, Ax Men, Pawn Stars, Modern Marvels, and other shows in this “reality shows for dudes”.  So when I saw the preview for last night’s South Park I was kind of expecting one thing, but just like classic Matt and Trey they cut curve balls just as good as any MLB pitcher.

All these reality shows have a shit ton in common, almost carbon copies of each other. For the most part they all have some dude doing voice over, and over blow SOMETHING during the episode that usually comes off more condescending then helpful story telling and ‘Ziplining’ does this without flaws and even throws in the ‘worst case scenario’ cut scenes that a lot of these ‘job’ shows have. Probably more akin to a show like Modern Marvels crossed with something from Natgeo, throughout the episode is peppered with scenes that keep showing the inside of Cartman’s body, showing how a terrible diet of Arby’s, Mountain Dew, and Burger King can lead to stomach pains, farts, and diahrrea that Kyle keeps having to smell, which leads to another cut scene of inside Kyle’s body. Also, like every reality show, you get your video diaries with Kyle, Cartman, and Stan all offerring insight about the horrors of taking part in a zipline tour. You would think it would somehow get worse, but they boys actually do find a boat that could take them to a nearby refuge…the real genius here is we get  live action depictions of ‘the four young boys from Colorado, are running for their lives” and maybe for the first time ever…a live action Kenny death. Thankfully, Mr. Hankey shows up to rescue everyone.

This week’s South Park shows the stuff that Matt Stone and Trey Parker do best. Everyone does spoofs, but these guys do them best with utter brilliance that will probably earn them another Emmy. But, I don’t they even want the damn thing, I mean they have just about every award you can get in entertainment…what’s the point you ask? I think, that even after SO many seasons that the very same guys who gave us Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny 15 seasons, still love doing this show. If Matt and Trey really wanted too, they could just slap their names on an episode with an Exec. Producer credit, do all the voices, hire a writing staff, and just chill in Maui til the cows come home. But, instead as we’ve learned halfway through this season….South Park is as good now as its ever going to get  and its because the writers love the shit out of doing it and judging by the ratings we love them for it.

(10 out of 10)

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  • Fenix212

    Honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a t.v ep, I hated more than this ep.

    After loving South Park for more than decade, fridays ep (u.k air date 20th april) was just awful.

  • anom

    It was awful. Shockingly awful. I have not followed this season much since the show has been going downhill for a while but this was a completely new kind of low.