Review: Sanjay and Craig ”Street Dogg”

Snoop doing his best Kanye impression.
Snoop doing his best Kanye impression.

Spoilers Below

Street Dogg comes to town looking to escape the drama of back home, but when Sanjay and Craig try to reunite him with his old band mate in Tufflips, shit goes sour. Turns out, the two had a falling out years ago, and it’s up to Sanjay and Craig to rebuild bridges. First thing’s first, get Tufflips back into the rap game! The way we do that is we bring Tufflips to his hellish household of which he grew up in for inspiration. Tuff’s first song is a rap that insults Street Dogg, and Dogg hears about it and decides to get back at his former cohort in a rap battle!

Hector and the kids jump in and interrupt with a song about friendship and it’s so bad the towns people nearly get thrown out of the battle. This causes Tuff and Street to become friends again as the original source of discontent was really just a misunderstanding.

Our Take

This isn’t guest star Snoop Dogg’s first rodeo when it comes to voice acting, but this may be one of his best. The multi-platinum recording artist shows that not only does he have the voice chops that are arguably better than most guest stars, his versatility that comes with his musicianship is really second to none. This permeates with the other cast members as the musical score was very well done and worthy of some comparisons to feature films in terms of professionalism. Dare I say, the 30 minute episodes of Sanjay and Craig are better than the 12-minute varieties, but I don’t want to put the cart before the horse just yet.



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