Review: Sanjay and Craig ‘Romper Chomper; Conquistador’


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‘Romper Chomper;

Meg loses her teeth in a biking accident and she really wants to find them so that she can give them to the tooth fairy whom takes the teeth to tooth heaven. The kids eventually figure that Meg’s teeth were stolen and that the culprit is Rich Dixon. Our journey takes us to the Dixon household where Meg dresses as the tooth fairy to scare the hell out of Rich thereby getting her teeth back, but not before Rich, Sanjay, Craig, and the others get their comeuppance.

Our Take

A very funny episode. I think Rich Dixon is my favorite name for a character now, even if his house is gross. How Meg found her teeth so fast in that pile of teeth is beyond me, but now I’m just nit-picking. It’s always fun when the focus of the show shifts from Sanjay and Craig to that of someone else, and coming off of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Linda Cardellini shows that she can carry weight on her shoulders. Tooth fairy plots are kinda old, but this show did a spin on it that I’ve never heard before, kind of reminding me of the Halloween episode of Charlie Brown.




Sanjay, Craig, and Darlene are at Grandma’s house when we stumble on a golden conquistador in their mother’s old room. Sanjay and Craig decide to bring it home because they think it’s the coolest. After a while, we find out weird things happen when this thing is around and therefore it’s probably haunted. Darlene opts to help them bury it in the woods, but he escapes and it takes Grandma’s sword-wielding ways to subdue the possessed statue. Despite being diced up, the statue comes back and explains he just misses being with Darlene so everyone decides to party with it.

Our Take

That song coming from the friggin’ statue is gonna be stuck in my head for a while. That said, another solid episode. Grandma is a lot of fun, and I hope we see her again. The idea for the episode seems like something that would come from Regular Show, and that’s a good thing. Shit that’s haunted has been done a bunch before, but it isn’t all that common for this series so we can let it slide.



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