Review: Robot Chicken – “CatDog On A Stick”


Spoilers Below!


The Guardians (Santa, Sandman, Easter Bunny, et al) are in their chambers explaining how they’ll always exist so long as the children still believe. As Sandman disappears the camera pans to Santa who is with a black child. Apparently he’s a Christmas tradition in The Netherlands known as Zwarte Piet, which translates into “Black Pete” for those who were wondering. Apparently parents dress their children up in blackface to have them resemble this child who is believed to be a helper of Santa. The Guardians all leave because of the incredibly awkward racial undertones as Santa orders The Netherlands to get their shit together and stop being racist.


Tiger Woods-

Tiger Woods wants to repair his image by filming a movie. MJ had Space Jam and Tiger wants a piece of that actions. Sadly, the only production house willing to touch this movie is DIC, with such memorable characters as Heathcliff lending their likeness to the flick. Tiger and his D-List friends must battle a group of baddies in a game of golf. The ton characters try their best as Tiger has sex with all of the female characters.



You guys seen “I Know What You Did Last Summer?” The movie was popular in 1997 and had a great cast (for the time anyway). Basic premise is that these teens end up accidentally killing a guy with their car and hiding the body. Then **SPOILER ALERT!!** he comes back and tries to kill them.

So the Bratz are driving along and they end up turning Barbie into Street Pizza. A year alter the Bratz start dying off until there is only one left. She goes to see if Barbie’s body is still there and it isn’t. The last Brat is hit by a car and the killer is revealed to be…a character from Monster High. Apparently the Bratz chick stopped at the wrong mile marker and Barbie was a few blocks down being eaten by wolves.


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Bratz…followed by Tiger Woods

Richard Milko

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  • That guy

    Robot chicken shows that nobody (that isnt from west Europe) has a single idea what they are talking about when it comes to Zwarte Piet. Besides the fact that Santa was completely derived from Sinterklaas (the actual traditional figure connected to/with Zwarte Piet), it is not a racist tradition. It is only perceived as such, because americans think it is, and americans are in fact the worst racists in the world (they made racism what it is today, think about it!).
    Also, Robot Chicken doesnt need to tell the Netherlands what to do, as the frikkin’ UNITED NATIONS already stepped in to tell them to change to tradition, ‘as it could be perceived racist by outsiders’, and they have. Idiots, all of you. Good job, instead of working towards world peace, we will soon have all traditions banned, thank you UN. Please get rid of the elves from Santa, as it belittles (get it?) little people. He is also white, and has only white helpers, but that aint racists, cause ‘Merica says it isnt.

    I lost my respect for Robot Chicken (and with it, w/e little respect left for America) once again.

    • disqus_f0m0KOHNzQ

      dude get the stick out of your ass it was just a joke

  • bobbi

    ignorant people interpret black pete as racism

  • AllezFlex

    Did not like the “zwarte piet” sketch either. It was more being political correct then making a joke.

    Also the controversy is more related from America which is still struggling from its relatively recent overly racist past. With the current notion that only a caucasian can be racist. The white mans guilt.

    Its a bit tiring, how easily the racist card is pulled. Killing the debate.

  • Eyz

    Well, I’m from Europe and I found it hilarious! XD

    Stop playing the sensitive ones. It’s from a parody show ON adult swim, what were you expected? To be handed with kid’s gloves?? THIS was the thing that shocked you, compared to all the random murders and rapes in the sketches around it?? Really??

    I see satire goes well over your head~

    • AllezFlex

      Dont get me wrong. The premise of zwarte piet seems ridiculous for outsiders and deserve to be satired. Heck, I was even looking forward to it.

      However after a wrong introduction (it is not a christmas tradition) with the advise to look it up (which I did it. The english wikipedia page gave a relative correct information.) The last part was spend on blatantly saying that its racist.

      That last part is not satire in mine eyes. It was a moral judgement.
      (forcing children into putting on blackface and The dutch needs to get there shit together)

  • disqus_f0m0KOHNzQ

    uh tiger don’t have sex with all of them the princess from Captain n and the game masters turn him down

  • NiggaYouGay

    who is that cat