Review: Rick and Morty “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!”


Spoilers Below

Yay, Rick and Morty’s back! Sorry, I had to let that out. In this episode, comedian, actor, and writer David Cross plays the leader of a thievish alien race. Does there need to be more review? Okay, you’re right.

The theme of this week’s misadventure is simulations. Rick’s got something the Zigerians want, and they attempt to use highly advanced simulation technology to get it. As usual, Rick is surprisingly prepared. Despite his state of perpetual intoxication, Rick is as savvy as they come when dealing with alien races and their technologies. Of course, Morty is brought along for the ride when Rick arrives at his school to inform in that he’s not really at school. The fact that it was actually a simulation would explain why everyone was acting so strange; including Jessica, Morty’s crush, who was throwing herself at our unfortunate little friend. Morty just can’t catch a break. Things get a even more awkward for him when he has to spend the majority of the episode running around naked with his grandfather. Why, you ask? I have to leave some giggles for you to discover on your own, friends.

Unfortunately for Jerry, Morty’s father, he didn’t have Rick there to tell him that he had also somehow wandered into the simulation. Morty is used to having rough days in Rick’s world, but Jerry is a little more oblivious and a lot more gullible.

Maybe it was because I had a little vacation from twenty-two minute toons, but this episode felt long. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining at all. From a human on simulation sexual encounter to Rick and Morty performing a rap concert, there seemed to be a good amount of content in this one. It was very well fleshed out, and had a lot of laughs. Perhaps my biggest laugh out of the entire series came within the last minute of the episode, when Rick pays Morty another drunken visit in the middle of the night. This show’s got endless possibilities, and I can’t wait to see them continue to push the envelope to entertain science fiction fans with twisted senses of humor such as myself. This week’s episode earns itself a


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