REVIEW: Regular Show Presents “Terror Tales of the Park II”

Mordecai and Rigby tell scary stories during a drive to a Halloween party.

Spoilers Below

With a drive taking a long ass time to get to a Halloween party,  Mordecai and Rigby decide to tell scary stories to pass the time. Eventually, Margaret calls in on Mordy’s cell to tell her how vicious tale. This causes Benson to order the stoppage of halloween stories as Pops is getting scared.  That is until the car crashes leaving the guys to take a ride with a tow truck to get to the party. Soon, the guys get stuck in traffic so Benson starts another story off. After which, the guys make it to the party but they crash again and this time all the guys die!


On a trip to the local bowling alley, Mordecai and the gang are hanging out with Mord’s Uncle Steve whom he accidentally kills!  It really eats away at Mordecai too causing all sorts of nightmares as does Rigby! Soon, they get chased out of the house by a zombie Steve who is just trying to pay back a debt to Mordy.


The guys and the girls are looking for a ride to the movies when all of a sudden a party bus with a weird driver pulls up. During the course of the ride, the driver passes bu the movie theater and then everyone on the bus gets really old, really fast and the majority of them die. Turns out the driver is a skeleton who has locked all the doors keeping Mordy, Rigs, Margaret, and Eileen locked in. Worst yet, the effects start reversing and all of the guys turn into babies but are able to escape.


Mordy and Rigby have to wall paper a room they pretty much mangled and wishes someone else can do it. As luck would have it, the old and trusty TV which advertises Jan “The Wallpaper” man that offers for the first job to be free. At first they think its a scam, but Muscle Man swears by local contractors. A couple hours later, Jan finishes but soon he is moving around the house wall-papering people too. Eventually, the inside of the house shrinks causing Rigby to go insane and rip open into other rooms. Soon, the rest of the guys follow and move through where they find the rest of the Park dudes strung up like bugs when they are attacked by a super huge spider! The wretched beast has already eaten Muscle Man, but everyone else gets saved but Benson orders Mordy and Rigby to do something about the spider. Thankfully, they come across a box of grenades and puts them in the spider’s moth causing him to blow up!!

Finally, a Halloween with freakin’ Halloween stories, right?? These guys did it justice,  as all of the shorts were very entertaining with my favorite one being Benson’s story which sounds LARGELY inspired by Lord of the Rings. That said, these shorts had plenty of tricks and a lot of treats, and so far has set the standard for great holiday-themed programming so far this month. Who can challenge them??

(9.0 out of 10)

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