Spoilers Below

Its Mordecai and Rigby’s day off…or so they thought when all of the sudden Skips shows up with a birthday coupon for the guys to do all his chores for one day. They actually do alright until they get to the last chore where Rigs and Mordy have to move a big huge harpsichord which gets stuck in the doorway of which the large instrument resides. To help with the move the guys call Skips whom obliges to help move the instrument but Rigby crushes his hand in the process pretty much destroying the big guy’s hands. Turns out those hands were REALLY important on this one day as Skips was supposed to fight an intergalactic bad guy named Clord bane the Destroyer

Eventually, Clord knocks out both Skips and some other dude that I can only describe as being inspired by the Green Lantern’s Guardians of the Universe. These guys help protect the audience and grant wishes of immeasurable proportions. But, with everyone knocked out, they select Mordy and Rigby as the holders of the “Fists of Justice” which give the guys the edge they need to help defeat Clord and are granted a wish from the Guardians. Their wish? For a little help in moving the harpsichord!

This week’s episode of Regular Show certainly wasn”t my favorite as the plot seemed convoluted and far too inspired by Green Lantern. Like I wasn’t even inspired to get all the ancillary characters’ names right or their roles in anything because I felt exhausted watching the episode despite the fact that it was only 10 minutes. However, the battle sequence with Mordy, Rigby, and Clord was really good, and pretty much the saving grace of this episode being a complete fail.

(7.0 out of 10)

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