Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Ding a Ling Bros Circus”

Check out my ding a ling.

Spoilers Below

Everyone’s heading to the circus, but they find out it’s closing because no one wants to come and the owner’s all depressed. The gang agrees to help save the failing circus, and each tackles a different task to do just that:

Goat beautifies the oddities to make them more presentable for paying customers. At first, the Mr. Dingleling is pretty annoyed by how the oddities look, but a model agent shows up and gives them all gigs causing the owner to shut down this specific tent.

Banana rigs the midway so that all of the games are scammed. Unfortunately for him, all of the game contestants win their respective games, much to the chagrin of Banana who is pretty much a carny now.

Pig starts a flea circus as a new attraction for customers. To help and get fleas, Pig pretends to be a dog which works like a charm. He makes a deal with the fleas to not take a bath in exchange for their service, but the fleas revolt and take over the body and cause all sorts of havoc all the while framing Pig. Fortunately, the fleas agree to work for the service.

Cricket trains the animals who are quite a bit rundown and rather lazy. To help, Cricket turns all of the animals into half-crickets that are really smart and head to DC. Cricket tries to sub in, but the fans aren’t buying it. Pig and Banana return and put on a hell of a show for the audience with the help of Goat and Cricket and save the circus.

Our Take

This week’s episode of Pig Goat Banana Cricket was a MUCH better representation of the series of what I was looking for in the third season. A refreshing spin on the trope that has been the fabric of the series. The character designs for the circus pals were SUPER good, especially for the fleas and the oddities. I could see a whole series come from those oddities just traveling with the circus and whatnot. Lots of laughs this week as well, not really for Cricket because he kinda got the short-end of the stick in terms of runtime, but Banana’s bit was hysterical as was Pig’s. This episode was really indicative of its name and all over the place, and that’s just the good recipe you need.


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