REVIEW: PHINEAS AND FERB “Sleepwalk Surprise; “Sci-Fi Pie Fly”

Spoilers Below

Sleepwalk Surprise

Candace has her friend Jeremy coming over to the house only for him to stumble on to Phineas and Ferb playing a round of jetpack volleyball with their friends. On any other day, Candace would be trying her darn-dest in getting her brothers in trouble but she doesn’t want to get Jeremy in trouble. To help with her cause she does anything in her power to make sure her mother doesn’t go outside to catch everyone playing!

Someone has smuggled a whole bunch of machines into Dr. Doof’s evil headquarters and he hasn’t a clue whose done it, so he brings in Perry for a line of questioning. Eventually, one of the “-inators” that being the hug-inator grabs a hold of Doof and doesn’t let go causing the evil scientist to fall asleep. Doof ends up dreaming up an alternate dream world where he meets his evil self and is pretty much given the instructions on putting all the machines together to create one crazy “inator”. Perry stops Doof in time before he does any real damage but all three parts of the colossal gizmo falls off the Doof HQ and goes off  giving Candace quite the “surprise”.

Sci-Fi-Pie Fly

Candace has pretty much given up on trying to get her brothers in trouble and is taking a “me” day. She picked a good day too, because when the boys get wind of the Danville crop circles they decide to set out to try and figure who made the mysterious markings. To do so they build their own UFO and fly around town looking at the various crop circles but also putting the town into a UFO frenzy. Eventually, Phineas and Ferb find the one spot in Danvil without a crop circle and come across a key that looks the shape of all the crop circles they have found along the way. And yes the rightful owners? Two aliens that bare more than a striking resemblance to Phineas and Ferb.

Meanwhile, Doof creates a “blow-inator” that is meant to get back at a local pizza joint that charged him for late pizza. His new gizmo is able to throw pizza dough into the air and keep it going longer than anyone so he decides to challenge the pizza owner so as to embarass him and hopefully make him go out of business. Thankfully, Perry comes to the rescue and turns the “blow-inator” into a “suck-inator” causing the evil scientist to suck everything in his sight and as a result loses a bet that ensures he will have to get pizza elsewhere for now on.

This weeks two episodes were great because they were more or less against the grain of the typical plots we get in Phineas and Ferb. Normally, we get Candace trying to stop her adventurous brothers but this time she either ignores or helps them which gives a nice change of pace with some new jokes. However, I was surprised to see that the same newness wasn’t applied to the Perry and Doof gags but over a solid half hour of fun and adventures. Oh yea, and I TOTALLY want to play jetpack volleyball!

(8.0 out of 10)


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