Review: Phineas and Ferb “Doof 101″

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Spoilers Below

Doof becomes a professor at Vanessa’s school in a class called ‘Doof 101’. Despite the fact that being a teacher is court ordered, Doof loves the fact that he’s a teacher and Principal Long is keeping a CLOSE eye on the mad scientist. Vanessa hates Doof as her teacher and the rest of the students are worried that Vanessa’s dad is going to show her special treatment. We also find out that Doof and the Principal had been one-time college classmates and that Doof married away a Charlene that Long swore was the love of his life.

While teaching his class, one of the classmates (Johnny) comes in contact with one of Doof’s samples that turns the kid into a monster. Perry shows up to try and help, but Vanessa gets snatched up. Doof chases after Johnny with an antidote but is knocked over leading Vanessa to catch the needle and administer the medicine that turns Johnny back to normal.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to three bugs named Napoleon, Wendell, and Floyd and despite the fact that they are trying to make themselves known, they are just dealing with a bug’s life while trying to ‘reach the summit’. Once the trio gets there, they get smashed with a book, and Doof completes his first day.

This is by far the best season of Phineas and Ferb. Over the last I would say 10 weeks the producers have thrown out the ordinary Phineas and Ferb play book in favor of a more creative and fun outlet. This week’s episode factored in some outstanding guest stars such as the Principal(Gary Cole) , Napoleon (JK Simmons), Wendell (Josh Gad), and Floyd (Stephen Root) and all contributed a mess of funny lines. Unfortunately, there was no onscreen reunion of Milton and Lumbergh, but overall we got properly schooled in Doof 101 with a curriculum that included laughs, action, and yes Perry.


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