Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries ”Night Moves”

10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)
10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)

A very naked Mike Tyson discovers that he’s fat so he vows to go on a diet. Unfortunately, he has to meet his latest client Andrew at a pie house, so it’s all down hill from there. We learn that Andrew is unable to get a girl after the first date, and he doesn’t know why. As a result, Mike sets him up on a date with Yung Hee whom claims that Andrew is a werewolf and he scratches the arm of Yung. This worries everyone that Yung COULD turn into a werewolf. Mike grabs his pistol and his silver bullets, but when a full moon shows up, Yung doesn’t turn, so everything turns out OK…but there’s still a werewolf on the loose! Werewolf-Andrew shows up and gets a kiss from Yung to cure him, but Mike shoots him. Time to celebrate with some pie!

This show is so damn good it makes me sick. Everyone has done diet episodes, but hearing Mike Tyson talk food is just plain hysterical. And I really enjoyed the werewolf-Yung relationship, and kinda wish that it had lasted a few more episodes, but with the finale next week, I suppose the earlier the better. Even Marquesse was kind of funny this week with his ridiculous outfit and recipes, but Pigeon was rather quiet this time around. Finale should be slamming!


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