Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries ‘Kidnapped!’

10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)
10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)

Spoilers Below

Mike goes away for what I’m assuming is a paid appearance, which leaves Pigeon and Marquess behind to take on mysteries by themselves. The first one up is actually a ransom note from one of Pigeon’s bookies promising to kill Yung if he doesn’t pay out 20k to absolve his gambling debts. Pigeon tries everything to get Tyson’s daughter back, and even opts to hire a stripper to be a replacement kid.

Meanwhile, Mike gives a commencement speech at University of Miami in Ohio that is so inspiring that when Pigeon”s bookie sees it on TV, he decides to change his ways and lets Yung free.

Anyone watching this show whom is a fan of Norm MacDonald knows that this week’s episode seemed VERY inspired by Norm’s own Dirty Work. The brilliant film directed by Bob Saget centered around Norm trying to start a business in an effort to pay back his father’s doctor’s gambling debts in exchange for a new heart. And having been one to struggle with his own gambling addictions, Norm just seems THAT much more perfect in playing the role of Pigeon. That’s a good thing, because I could care less about Marquess.


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