Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries ”House Haunters”

10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)
10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)

Spoilers Below

They Mystery crew show up to a reality-show type setting where a young couple and their dog are looking for a new place to live in Phoenix, AZ. We get to see three different listings, but the couple end up taking on the last one despite the fact that Marquess and Yung say the place is haunted. Problem is, Yung never cared about this whole operation anyway, and Marquess wanted the first listing, so noone takes either of them seriously until we get home and Yung actually finds out that the house was a murder scene.

I probably don’t do this episode much justice in the recap, but let me tell you, this was by far the best episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries that has shown all year. The reality show route was just all gold, and showed all of the stereotypical showstoppers that you would see in a reality show just like this. The loving couple, the cute dog, the overtly sensitive agent. Anyone whom has watched any of those types of shows, will certainly see the likeness. Also, Pigeon (Norm) was just out of fucking bounds funny and is slowing gaining ground on Sterling Archer on some of the best one-liners in the cartoon biz. Mike shitting constantly was also hysterical, but I couldn’t help but think that this episode deserved to be 30 minutes, as I could totally see the crew heading back into the house and saving this family from what should be a classic case of haunted horrors. Who knows? Maybe the mystery crew can join T.A.P.S. and launch an investigation.


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