Review: Mickey Mouse – “Mickey Monkey”


Spoilers Below

Donald, Goofy, and Minnie are waiting for Mickey to take them on a jungle cruise. However, our mouse is still getting ready in his hut. Just as he starts to leave, he finds a monkey on his bed. He tries to throw the monkey out but, after a bit of a whirlwind fight, the monkey ends up in Mickey’s clothes and Mickey ends up naked. The monkey jumps out the window, where he comes across the rest of the gang. Unfortunately, they all think he is Mickey and lets him pilot their jungle cruise boat onto the river.

Mickey tries to catch the departing boat. As he jumps up and down on the shore, Goofy mistakes him for a monkey. This, of course, leads to Mickey chasing the boat from shore while the gang hangs out with the monkey they think is Mickey. Cue required Tarzan rope swings. Cue Steamboat Willie reference with the monkey doing Mickey’s dance.

Eventually, Mickey gets back onto the boat. He scuffles with the monkey again and they both end up in their proper garments. The gang, worried about Mickey fighting with a monkey, rushes to his side to make sure he is OK. Once he assures them that he is fine, he points out that there are some gorgeous waterfalls ahead. The boat disappears down the side of the waterfall. Mickey pilots the boat down the river, making a random comment about the ride to his friends. His friends, however, have now been replaced by alligators in their clothes.

I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the previous space-based episode. This one seemed to exist simply to hit certain marks – the Tarzan swing, the Steamboat Willie dance, the spiderweb trap. I’m not sure how they could have fixed the episode though. Maybe if Donald was a little suspicious about the monkey or something. It just seemed wrong that none of the friends realized that it was a monkey in Mickey clothes. Ah well, you can’t love them all, right?


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