Dethklok gets stranded in a third world country and is taken hostage by terrorists. Pickles finally calls out Nathan for destroying the album.

Spoilers Below

You gotta love the opening Adult Swim bump…”Jeneane Garofalo and Jon Hamm guest star in this week’s episode. Jon Hamm plays three unrecognizable voices…see if you can spot them.”  As we all know, the latest Dethklok album’s release is in peril as the recordings have been destroyed by Nathan of whom is also suffering from a slight case in writer’s block. To make matters worse, the label fires Nubbler and replaces him with a new producer named Abigail(Jeneane Garofalo) who is way more serious and assertive in getting the record done as compared to her predecessor.

Fearing that the guys just simply aren’t motivated in writing and recording a new album, Abby books a vacation so that Dethklok can recharge its batteries and come back reinvigorated. The rest of the band is onboard, but Nathan isn’t really buying into the whole deal and tries to convince Nubbler to work on the old demos while the guys are away in hopes that when they return the tracks sound good and Dethklok can go back to recording with their trusty producer.

How great is this trip?? So the guys get on a plane(flying coach) and land without anything packed, no money, no food, nothing! To make matters worse, the entire town thinks that Dethklok is comprised of women and soon they get kidnapped and brought before a big fat guy where he tells them to either A) write a new song and play it to prove their worth or B) suck some dick. Fortunately, the band lays out a KILLER song and Abby decides to hire Nubbler as an engineer for the record.

This week’s episode was really awesome, and Jeneane worked really, really well as Abby but then again she always does a great job in all her roles. I couldn’t place where Jon Hamm was but that was the point so the producers did a great job there. Very funny episode, I’m totally enjoying the season thus far, and judging from the early promo next week looks to be killer.

(8.0 out of 10)

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