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Toki goes to rock-and-roll camp and is bullied by other campers. But he soon finds an ally in a former Dethklok guitarist. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar and Murderface binge on candy and horror movies while Toki is away.


Spoilers Below

Despite the fact that he is a crazy famous rock star, Toki wants to go to a rock-n-roll fantasy camp where “regular dildos play with wannabe rockstars”. Weird enough Toki doesn’t go to be a camp counselor, rather he wants to go as one of the regular guys so that he can make some new friends! Before Toki takes off, Nathan gives him a snowglobe as a going away present.  Of course with the only diabetic away on vacation  Skwisgaar and Murderface get to binge on candy and watch horror movies all day like the good Lord intended. Unfortunately, all that candy and horror movies makes it difficult for the guys to handle so they opt to sleep in Pickles’ bed. That’s when Nathan comes in and breaks the news to the rest of Dethklok that….

Turns out the fantasy camp isn’t its all cracked up to be as he comes across a mean set of bullies who torture and tease the dude. Worse yet, we are introduced to Magnus Hammersmith, former Dethklok guitar player who many years ago tried killing Nathan in cold blood only to be stopped and thrown out of the band but not before promising revenge in blood! While taking a walk in the park, Toki stumbles onto the bullies beating up a guy over his Eric Clapton guitar pic but Magnus comes to the rescue. Later, when Toki is on stage getting ready to jam out, the bullies return to try and kill him, only for Magnus to come to the rescue, but he isn’t the only one. Because as Toki’s would-be assailants would learn, no one fucks with Dethklok!!!

This week’s episode was nothing short of awesome. Yea you had your crazy hysterical moments like Nathan reading off Toki’s pack list for camp (really a teddy bear?? lol), and then you had all the guys sleeping in bed ripping sugar farts. But, where this one was really special was in the direction despite the loose plot holes. I never once for an animated show got up and fist pumped with cheers as I have when Nathan and Dethklok show up to save Toki, and later when Nathan is soaked in blood-red moon while holding a shattered snow globe I turned the volume all the way up with horns in the air. It really is the stuff that begs the question if Brendon Small and Co. have some sort of future in film because he certainly has the ingredients. My only gripe with the show was the blurred pictures over the horror movies which I didn’t get because as long as I have been watching shows on Adult Swim I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that. The plot also kind of came loose near the end, but all in all this was a fun ride. Oh yea…KIM THAYIL!!!!!

(10 out of 10)

John Blabber

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