Review: Major Lazer ‘ Suckoids’

Tape worm?
Tape worm?

Spoilers Below

Whitewall bans and Rubbish enforces a new order that says NO ONE is allowed to dance because it awakens monsters called Suckoids that come up from underground and eat people. Not willing to comply with no dancing, Penny rallies a team that features Major, Blkmrkt, and her new friend Goosh. The team decides to go to a music festival so as to cause a beat that gets everyone dancing so that they can destroy all of the Suckoids in Jamaica. They do just that, and then Goosh rides off into the sunset.

Our Take

I think that the Goosh character was so strong, I would love to see a spin-off animated series based entirely on him. Also, kudos to the writers for bringing back Whitewall and Rubbish because it has been quite a while since we’ve seen either of them. In any case, this week’s episode of Major Lazer was a very awesome effort and as such I wish it was a 30 minute series. The massive battle at the end with lasers flying everywhere while trying to fight off Suckoids was great, though I wish Penny was more involved. Aziz Ansari was a Goosh’n crazy, and as I mentioned when I first kicked this thing off, a spin-off show should be in the works. I could watch Goosh fight Suckoids all day with his hysterical dialogue, and I would definitely look to learn more about his back story. The sound track was really strong this week which helped provide a score for an action-packed effort.



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