Review: Major Lazer ‘I, Killscreen’

This looks interesting.
This looks interesting.

Spoilers Below

A new game comes out and both Blkmrkt and Penny get into it at home, but Major Lazer isn’t a fan. He convinces the two to go outside, but Major gets captured by Killscreen whom seems to be working for General Rubbish. The only way Major can get out is if Penny takes part in the game tournament coming up. Blkmrkt is banned, so during the competition he eventually gets thrown out of the arena, but Penny is able to fend off the other competitors, including Thor, and help Major Lazer get out of his confines. Major Lazer defeats Killscreen, but Thor powers up…

Our Take

As time goes on, Major Lazer is getting better and better. You can absolutely tell whomever wrote this week’s episode is a HUGE game because there are cameos throughout of popular gaming lore. Doom, DDR, various RPG’s, hell even the tournament takes place in an arena entirely inspired by Tron.  Unfortunately, the final battle between Major and Killscreen left a lot to be desired, but the twist ending makes me want to see a ‘Part two’. With fantastic character models, and stellar background design, this show just went up a notch.


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