Review: Major Lazer ”Fizzy Fever”

I am a sucker for happy puppy eyes.
I am a sucker for happy puppy eyes.

Spoilers Below

Blkmrkt gets a dog named Fizzy whom has one trick and one trick only…throwing parties. Whitewall hears of this shit and sends everything he has to kill the little puppy. One of Whitewall’s villains, Knife Fight, actually works to defend Major Lazer from the numerous villains long enough so that Major can send the puppy into outer space. His success lands him a sweet prize from the ‘Council of Club Owners’.

Our Take

You would think with the number of villains that were presented in this week’s episode of Major Lazer, we would’ve been inundated with action but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the episode simply featured Major riding on his hover board to a location clear enough for Fizzy to be sent to outer space. The dynamic between Knife Fight and Major Lazer was fun to tough on, but overall this was one of the biggest letdowns of an episode to happen this season.  I loved the puppy, but this episode needs to be put down.



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