Review: Lucas Bros. Moving Company ”Nutopia”


Spoilers Below

Kenny and Keef have to go to their little brother Carlton’s wedding. They give him a hoodie as a gift and teach him the ways of being a Lucas brother! This journey continues when all three brothers crash Carlton’s yacht and end up on an island called ‘Nutopia’ ran by Limp Bizkit front man himself Mr. Fred Durst. Turns out, Fred has convinced a large number of the nu-metal fan base that Y2K happened, and that on the island he can reenact Woodstock 99 every day for his adoring island-mates. The brothers get thrown in jail, but Carlton soon decides that he wants to get back to his wedding so the three team up and break out during yet another Bizkit concert going on. Thankfully, Carlton is able to get on a mic and convince the crowds that Y2k never happened and that they can leave whenever they damn well please. This causes a huge riot to break out, and the Lucas Bros. are able to get back to the bar while Carlton gets hitched.

Our Take

As a kid that grew up and followed the nu-metal scene, I was really hoping the producers were going to tear this scene a new one. Unfortunately, it seemed to take a while to get to the island and once we got there ‘Nutopia’ was all about Limp Bizkit. I would have definitely preferred getting to the island sooner, and maybe us getting more of a variety of whom the show would parody, perhaps other performers from Woodstock 99 like Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and/or Kid Rock.

That said, as a fan of the scene, I loved all of the gags laden throughout the crowd. Backwards lettering on T’s, Wes Borland’s cover of ‘Chi’, and the overall scene brought me to tear as I had to remember my old JNCO jeans collection.

This was the first new Lucas Bros. episode we’ve seen in a while, if we get more like this, then the show will continue to have a bright future.


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