Review: Harvey Beaks ”The Spitting Tree; Pe-Choo!”


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The Spitting Tree

Harvey Beaks and his friends get stuck up in a tree. Their parents how up for the save, but Harvey is apprehensive about jumping out of a tree onto some leaves for the save. Eventually, Fee and Foo convince him otherwise and Harvey is safe upon landing.

Our Take

C.H. Greenblatt picks up right where he left off when he was the director for Disney’s Fish Hooks. Gorgeous back drops decorate a zany show about kids just looking to have fun. There’s no structure like a Fish Hooks, so far it looks as though the kids are free to do as they please, but the direction of the show is other-wordly. I’m almost getting an animated take on Where the Wild Things Are with this series. The scene featuring the kids falling from the trees is the best done back drop I’ve seen in an animated series. While I still try to point towards whom I think this show is a target for (on one hand we have farts, on the other a pretty cool morale to a story that kids would heed), I’m going to have a lot of fun watching. Nick’s got an animated renaissance in the making…



Harvey, Fee, and Foo are at the lake having a good time. Problem is, Fee and Foo are constantly catapulted out of the lake which looks so much fun to Harvey, but he can’t take part due to the fact that he isn’t banned by the spirit that inhabits the body of water. As a result, he tries so hard to get banned, but it’s Fee and Foo that put in the word for him amongst his friends that causes the ban, thereby allowing Harvey to be catapulted just like his friends.

Our Take

I’m trying to figure out who the real friends are in this show. Thus far, I can tell you Harvey’s good friends are Fee and Foo, but there’s a litter of other characters that I’m trying to sort out. Dade looks like a trouble-maker, and the others I haven’t made a decision on. In any event, another solid episode of Harvey Beaks. The spirit living in the water was pretty funny, almost eschewing a Land Before Time vibe, and we also get to see this show get a little dirtier. From Foo pissing in the water, to Harvey showing his bare ass for all to see, the producers of the show are testing early. Let’s see where this one goes.


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