Review: Harvey Beaks ”The Sleepover’s Over; Certified Babysitter”


‘The Sleepover’s Over

Spoilers Below

Harvey’s not a big fan of sleepovers, and usually ends up calling his dad to come pick him up. This time it’s different though, because he is determined to survive his first sleep over with Fee and Foo. The trio decide to make a time of it by going to a different part of the woods to prank someone, and successfully do so with a big monster sleeping in the lake. The monster wakes up, captures the kids, and from the looks of it he’s about to have a meal with them as the main course. Fortunately, Harvey’s quick thinking gets him and his friends out of trouble, and instead of going home early to try and avoid a sleep over, he returns his phone to his dad leaving the kids to fend for themselves.

Our Take

This might have been one of the best nights of Harvey Beaks that I can remember. Both stories were what I was expecting of the series from the beginning in that we get to see Harvey grow up, and this one was a perfect indicator of that. The scene featuring the kids running away from the monster is also showcasing our crew getting more mature, as the art direction was solid, and the composition of the scene excellent.


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Certified Babysitter

Harvey becomes a certified baby sitter, and his mom and dad decide to put him in charge of Egg while the two decide to have an evening. Unfortunately, they also opt to bring in Jeremy as a babysitter for Harvey, which causes a rift between the two. Harvey actually locks Jeremy out of the house, but then Egg causes the house to flood and get set on fire before it decides to roll its way into a hot spring. Jeremy and Harvey have to put their differences aside and save Egg, but that isn’t going to fix the house.

Our Take

We’ve seen Jeremy burn the house down while baby-sitting so I’m unsure as to why we looks so competent this episode, but whatever the case we got another case of Harvey trying his best to grow up. He’s rather funny when he’s pissed because it isn’t often that you see that but in this case it was quite obvious that he was unhappy with Jeremy. I also couldn’t help but wonder if Egg is ever going to hatch…but that can wait.



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