Review: Harvey Beaks ‘Harvey’s First Scar; A Tail of Les Squirrels’


Harvey’s First Scar

Harvey really wants a scar and he makes Fee and Foo pinky swear that they will get him one no matter what he says later. Eventually, Harvey does change his mind, but Fee and Foo help him get one when Harvey, covered in pillows, goes down the mouth of a flower and comes out the other end with scratches.

Our Take

Harvey Beaks’ first season doesn’t have many scars and this one is no exception. Seeing Harvey all wrapped up in pillows was rather funny and his sacrifice at the end was killer. I also thought the severity of the pinky swear just adds to the show’s adorableness not unlike what you see in Bob’s Burgers. 



A Tail of Les Squirrels

Fee gets a squirrel tail and calls it her own which draws the ire of the squirrel community. Eventually, Foo and Harvey are taken as hostages and the only way Fee can get them back is if she returns the tail. With the help of her other friends, Fee does free Foo and Harvey, but instead of returning the tail she throws it in the river.

Our Take

I have a problem with squirrels, so I’m glad this one ended the way it did. These kids get in a lot of trouble, and I’m just starting to realize that. I guess that’s why this show used to be called Bad Seeds. 


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