Review: Fish Hooks ”Surfing the Interwet; Don’t Let the Fish Drive the Pary Bus”


Surfing the Interwet

Ms. Lips is surfing the Interwet, more specifically on Youtube, you get to see a whole bunch of your locals doing menial tasks that for whatever reason require a camera. For Shellseas we get to see her go to the local market and mingle with the natives. Bo Gregory shows off his crazy duck. Randy Pincherson uses the online service to spout negative attack ads against his competition for school council. Bea’s dad tells jokes, and Milo has a talk show where he talks to fishy vampires. How about some Date Connection?

Yep…someone made an online dating profile on Date Connection and that includes the coach and Mr. Baldwin. Jumbo and Albert do up a dance party. And how about the fucking store cat with his own vlog featuring Oscar? After a watching a few more videos, Atalia and Lips gives up on surfing for the night.


Don’t Let the Fish Drive the Pary Bus

The kids are throwing a party and Milo is tasked with making sure Baldwin shows up, Shellsea and Bea are on food, and Oscar has to bring hot guys. Unfortunately, Baldwin can’t go to the party because he’s got a whole bunch of kids to attend to, and the girls can’t order a burger. Poor Oscar, Al, and Jumbo end up at the sports store trying to convince hot guys to come to the party, but they seem to not be into going to parties with dudes. This inspires the trio to dress up as girls which leads to a chase. Lips eventually convinces Baldwin to go to the party and everyone is accounted for. Eventually, the dog toting the fish bowl party goes nuts leading to Beverly helping in making sure everyone lands safely. Unfortunately, she just makes a mess in the store leaving all of the fish stranded and with no water. All things considered, we learn that Mr. Baldwin loved partying which means the party is a success for Milo.


This week we get a couple of rather repetitive story lines for not just one of the episodes, but BOTH episodes of Fish Hooks. Starting with ”Surfing”, at first I was kind of entertained with the notion of seeing everyone on Youtube, but it’s really a concept that has been done by everyone else so I guess it was just a matter of time before FH did it. And I probably would have been ok with it if the random click thru of shorts actually went somewhere, but really they didn’t. As a matter of fact, Baldwin doing the ‘Dating Connections’ bit with Lips’ reaction could have been a good starting point for something else entirely, but nothing doing.

Similarly, the kids throw the 45,000th party on Fish Hooks but I will admit it was pretty hilarious watching Oscar and the guys trying to coerce more guys into coming to the big bash and more over watching Milo go through silly efforts to do the same with Baldwin. Unfortunately, the girls got stuck in a silly idea that really just went nowhere, but all of the plot points came together in the end a little better than expected.

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