Episode Synopsis: Dan grows concerned about the lack of intelligence in America, so he goes to the governor’s office to do something about it. Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2012

Spoilers Below

This week’s episode of Dan Vs was simply put…outrageous! Every single joke worked perfectly. Some of my favorites include the obvious digs at the terrible Transformers films(despite the fact that Prime was on RIGHT after), people who put sweaters on dogs, and of course TV reality shows that make people look so friggin’ silly!

The laughs were all over the place and the A-plot with Dan just seemed to fire on all cylinders. The animation was as crisp as ever, clearly showing the animators know their stuff with great character designs and set pieces especially in an episode that had a bunch of  crazy scenes and character movement. I also loved the build-up of the episode, while most of the episodes have a decent pace, this one felt like a roller coaster slowly creeping up to the top, only to come racing down with a lot of twists and turns. I actually prefer this way because it makes the jokes a bit more novel and subtle, and as such it actually allows us to see Dan’s valid point.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the writing staff as their maturity with the characters are becoming quite evident and I believe the major networks are going to hear about this show for quite some time.

(8.0 out of 10)

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  • Mockimi125

    Dan has no right to talk about the lack of intelligence in America when he himself plays stupid and uncompensating most of the time! He doesn’t realize what he is living in is a dilapidated apartment or that he doesn’t have a proper job where he could show his skills?! Look, he obviously has a valid point about everything, true, but the asshole should try to change himself first, and don’t go to the president with this tv problem, he can’t ban stupid tv that quickly! go to the damn directors!