Review: China IL ”Bi-Topping-Ality”


Spoilers Below

Ok, we’ve got a bunch going on tonight, so let’s get to it. Steve tries to go celeb as he begins hanging out with Donald Trump Jr’s son and his group of rich friends. They convince Steve to make his student Kim hang out to which she agrees. A misunderstanding goes down that sees Steve throw DT Jr. off of a balcony, thereby ruining his celeb status.

Meanwhile, Pony is leading a cause to have the Mayor drop a ridiculous law that would make it illegal to get anchovies at the ‘Church of Pizza’. She eventually proves that people are born with a gene that makes them love the fishy-pizza topping and that it isn’t right for the Mayor to discriminate. That said, now people have to PROVE that they are born with this gene before they are allowed any pizza at his holy establishment.

Baby Cakes likes both anchovies AND pepperoni which throws a wrench in Pony’s argument so she gets him cock-blocked on all future anchovy orders of pizza at Church of Pizza. An underground club convenes that invites all pizza eaters regardless of affiliation to eat what they want. The Mayor finds them and throws them in jail leaving Pony to try and save them. Instead, it’s Baby Cakes that speaks up and convinces The Mayor that multiple toppings CAN exist on pizza and be delicious.

Frank gets all worried about how he’s going to thank Crystal Peppers for covering for him in his class. An email doesn’t work, and the letter takes too long, so Frank orders a cheap flower bouquet as a big thanks to Crystal. Unfortunately, Frank doesn’t watch what he’s doing when he places a phone order for the flowers and ends up screwing it up and now he’s gotta stop the shipment from happening before it’s too late.

A high-octane chase ensues that sees Frank commandeer the delivery guy’s truck, sending him over a cliff to his supposed death. Frank heads to Crystal’s house and runs into this same delivery guy and they decide to team up. Unfortunately, Crystal kills the delivery guy in self-defense so she doesn’t have to do any jail time…unless if she wants mushrooms on her pizza.

Our Take

I think I found a new way to describe China IL. It’s Seinfeld meets South Park. Yep. Reason being is Brad Neely writes these ideas down that would seem so simple, but they blow up and turn into HUGE deals. Baby Cakes makes a huge long speech that at the end of the day is about pizza. Frank literally watches a murder unfold and frames Crystal Peppers, all over the notion that a thank you note wasn’t enough of a thank you from him to her about his class being covered.

On the other hand, I kinda felt like Steve’s deal really didn’t do much for me and for the most part kinda fell flat. I actually really loved the fact that Donald Trump Jr. (voiced by Paul Scheer) was just a walking tumor and again similar to South Park, the producers are totally fine with having mutated shit be a rather normal part of the show. However, the strength of the show, is the number of characters that are part of the cast, and as such others can lift while certain plot points fall by the wayside. The Simpsons do it all the time…wait, did I just compare China IL to The Simpsons, South Park, AND Seinfeld in the same recap? Sure did…and deservedly so.


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