Review: Brickleberry ‘Woody’s Girl’


Spoilers Below

Ever wonder what a cartoon would be named if in one episode you threw together the words “camel toe”, “squirter”, and “scat art”?  It would be the newest installment of the Brickleberry series!  As the episode begins, Woody suffers a mini-stroke from all the stress at Headquarters.  Malloy is apathetic when it comes to being Woody’s only known solace, which only causes his stress level to get higher than Willie Nelson on the White House rooftop.  Upon having his fun-sized stroke, Woody turns to yoga to soothe his inner self.  Within this journey, he finds himself involved with his yoga instructor, who apparently “can break up a riot” because of how much she squirts.

After Malloy becomes jealous of the new woman, Astral, he takes it upon himself to confront her.  She flips the table faster than a fat woman without any barbeque sauce and four chicken nuggets still left on her tray.  Turns out she is “bat-shit crazy” and is in a suicide cult.  The Stage-5 clinger tries to convince Woody he needs to jump off of Brickleberry Cliff in order to please Lord Tarjizzian.

Throughout all of the banter, Denzel is getting about 30 seconds here and there of him flying around on his jet pack.  He even managed to take down some fighter jets.  They must have been in the Reserves.

As Ethel is desperately trying to keep the station in order, she starts to realize how Woody became the way he is.  With the team together, they “rush” to save him from jumping to his death for a woman (no, not marriage).  By “rush”, I mean a hilarious sequence of events that just end up in them getting lasagna, mini golf, and picking up a hitchhiker.  They finally reach Woody in time to stop him from jumping.  So depressed that Malloy wasn’t there to talk him off the edge, he takes the leap.  But, alas, ::spoiler alert:: Malloy is there to save him with the jetpack.  And, of course, there really is an alien spaceship and Woody strokes out again.

Sometimes I have to take a step back and ask myself how much more vulgar can a show get.  Without any lawsuits on their hands, you’re looking at the pinnacle of success here.  I enjoy it when a show will push the envelope and see how far they can draw the line.

Keep drawing that line, Brickleberry.


John Capo