An animated series following the asinine antics of inept forest rangers at Brickleberry National Park begins with Steve worrying that Ethel’s arrival will jeopardize his stranglehold on Ranger of the Month. Meanwhile, Malloy’s love of chocolate puts him in an uncomfortable position.

Spoilers Below

Brickleberry National Park’s Ranger of the Month Steve Williams isn’t exactly the best at his job and together with his pal Denzel they are slowly dragging the park into a hole. As such, Woody brings in a new ranger named Ethel of whom hails from Yellowstone National Park and carries with her years of proper experience when it comes to leading group activities with the kids, working on a team, and dealing with animals. This presents a problem to Brickleberry’s resident Little Bear Malloy. The little fur ball isn’t exactly Boo Boo either, as he loves chocolate and hurtling insults at Steve’s behest despite the fact that Steve was the one who saved the little guy. Having said that, Steve is the least of Malloy’s worries as Woody has put him on a traditional bear diet.

The race to see who is Ranger of the Month is officially on and Steve isn’t looking too good as Ethel is clearly the class of the organization. One night Steve goes sneaking into Ethel’s cabin only to run into a clearly aroused and fellow park ranger Connie of whom is looking for some action.  Turns out Connie’s been stalking Ethel and as such gives Steve some pretty intense intel that includes the hot shot rookie being a recovering alcoholic! This gets Steve on the gun to try and get Ethel wasted,  but despite trying to tap into her water supply or hit her with darts filled with booze nothing seems to faze the bitch.  Eventually, Steve  spikes Ethel’s coffee which causes her to get shit-faced and commandeer a helicopter that pretty much destroys the whole town!

Meanwhile, Malloy will do ANYTHING to get his food fix. Everything from giving Woody’s car away, to robbing a convenience store, to following local redneck Bobby Possumcods into a trailer for a candy bar. But, soon Woody gets worried about his little guy’s whereabouts and orders Steve to rehire Ethel so that they can go on a ‘bear-hunt’ to find Malloy and bring him back safely. Soon, Steve and Ethel find a bear trail in the forest which leads to the trailer only to find Malloy placed firmly on Bobby’s penis which in this town is only a misdemeanor. Woody reinstates Ethel and yes, Steve is Ranger of the Month.

Anyone who is easily offended and doesn’t understand the brand of humor that comes from say the Damn Show or Tosh.0 will definitely not ‘get’ Brickleberry. But, for anyone who wished that the guys from South Park decided to do a rendition of Parks and Recs but with funnier dialogue, this is right up your alley. Featuring a who’s who in comedy likes David Herman(MadTV), Kaitlin Olson(Its Always Sunny), Tom Kenny(Spongebob), and yes Daniel Tosh(Tosh.0)Brickleberry serves up the over the top animated yet oh so good laughs that have not been seen on Comedy Central since the debut of South Park. Yes, the show has cutaways similar to Family Guy , but they are used as a tool to help give you some background on the characters so that the you(the viewer) knows exactly what you are getting into when it comes to this show and its crazy cast of characters. The one gripe I did have with this episode that looks to be something that is worked on for the next episode ironically enough is Daniel Tosh’s voice-acting chops. Yep, its just Daniel talking which I am fine with, but he needs to get in to the scenes a little better in his voice delivery if he is going to be able to last along such battle-harden vets like Kenny and Olson. That said, Brickleberry looks to be a new animated mainstay on Comedy Central, and is already threatening to be the best new animated series of 2012.

(9.0 out of 10)


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