REVIEW: BOB’S BURGERS(@BOBSBURGERSonFOX) “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”


Spoilers Below

Tina wants to be a television journalist and after interviewing her dad, we find out that Bob used to look kinda like how Gene does now.  Later at school, Tina tries out as the new anchor but she loses the spot to Tammy. Tina gets selected to being an intern of which she isn’t crazy about as she had her heart set on being a news lady. Back at home, Tina walks into Gene having just gone through a transformation courtesy of his sister so that he is now a little Bob. Linda LOVES the look as do the other kids, but Bob can’t stand the depiction.  Thankfully, the school news picks up on the story and shows little Bob getting beat with a kickball. Tina doesn’t think this is good news and as a result she believes the newscast deserves better.

The real story is about a serial pooper that leaves its tracks all through out the school. The media teacher isn’t crazy about the story so Louise decides to help Tina broadcast the story on the school TV network as new competition to the standard news that the kids get and she’s taking all the attention with her story. Tammy wants in on the action so she puts out a fake story about how Tina created the story of the serial pooper and that Tina is the culprit! To help clear her name, Tina goes to a school assembly while being followed by the other Belchers minus Louise whom is helping her sis nab the real pooper.  Turns out the pooper is Zeke and the entire school watches him shit on the stage! The school news apologizes to Tina and they give her a new segment on the program.

This week’s Bob’s was a lot of fun even if the plot has kinda been done before. The plot I am referring to is the one with Tina, as I kept getting shades of Lisa Simpson getting upstaged in the ‘Kids News’ bit years ago and even the South Park kids had a news thing that was quite a bit funnier, but Tina is such a departure from most animated kids that she makes it stand on its own.  The other plot with Gene was more of a gag thing I think, usually just showing up when we needed a quick funny, which for me worked every time. That said, this season has had a lot of Tina plots, so I”m hoping we can mix it up after the Super Bowl.



(8.0 out of 10)

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