Spoilers Below

Bob’s Burgers  didn’t perform so well in the hand-washing department so Bob has to serve a punishment.

Meanwhile, Linda wants to try out the local nude beach, but Bob doesn’t want to go. The kids on the other hand want to check this place out but not before Linda finds out that Hugo the health inspector is there which means Bob no longer has to take the hand-washing class. That said, Hugo leaves but then we meet the new health inspector named Tommy and he seems to be a cool dude and even invites Bob out to check out his band. Back at school, the Belcher kids want to bring all the kids to go check out the nude beach and DRL signs up to manage the operation with his telescope.  Unfortunately, Tommy loses his gig at his normal stop and as a result starts playing gigs at Bob’s Burgers. Bob goes with it just so that he can have a health inspector on his side unlike Hugo of whom is a douche bag. But, Tommy’s songs aren’t family friendly and Bob wants to talk to him about it, but Tommy keeps dishing out the good report cards on the restaurant.

At first the kids aren’t crazy about the gross naked bodies, but eventually they start to enjoy the minor details.  Speaking of minor details, Tommy’s songs aren’t going over well with Bob’s customers, but the kids find about a ‘Nudecathalon’ at the beach and they just HAVE to be there. Bob tries to reason with Tommy, but we learn that this motherfucker is crazy and even threatens Bob that either he plays or his restaurant gets closed due to rat poop thrown on the ground by the health inspector himself! The restaurant is now closed and Bob opts to go the nude beach and get Hugo his job back so that they can reopen the restaurant. In order for Hugo to come back Bob bets him that he can win the Nudecathalon. After about 30 events, the last event is some Greco-Roman wrestling with Hugo and Bob of which Hugo wins in convincing fashion. That said,  Hugo comes back as the inspector and gets Bob’s Burgers reopened with Bob having to cater the post-games celebrations.

Does anyone realize that this is now the THIRD Fred Armisen related review I’m doing in a little over a month??  First we did his guest appearance on The Simpsons, then this past Friday we reviewed Out There, and now this! And in every episode he plays a different role. You would think with his pseudo-popularity Fred would be content in just voicing himself, but with his different roles he does a great job of creating characters that reflect their respected universes. Also, this is another scenario where Bob’s Burgers gets not one, but TWO guest stars in not only Fred Armisen but Aziz Ansari, both of whom work out so well for this episode, its hard for me not to beg for them to return. Also, Tina, yet again, sets the episode on fire with her one-liners and as such I was rolling every time she reacted to all of the nudists, be it her father, or the slew of customers in the last scene. Also, Aziz’s character seemed like it was better written FOR HIM, in other words I couldn’t see anyone else playing DRL now, as the character takes on a lot of Aziz’s mannerisms and delivers jokes just like the veteran stand-up. I wouldn’t call this week’s episode perfect because I don’t know if we got a strong enough conclusion to Tommy’s part, and I’m usually not for one with musical montages just being thrown in for fun, but overall this week had so much good that any of the bad can just chill out on the beach.


(9.0 out of 10)



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