What is this? Blades of Glory??
What is this? Blades of Glory??

Spoilers Below

Axe Cop wants to win a space trampoline at the local skating rink. Problem is, the contest is for couples only, so he’s got to go to another planet and convince an Axe Girl to come and win the contest. The couple win, but disagree on who gets to keep the trampoline, so the two go to couple’s counseling to try and figure this out. Instead, the counselors turns out to be inhabitants of a world being attacked by a huge two-necked monster called ‘Tutukaka’ and they need the Axe couple to chop off the head belonging to the monster or their world will be destroyed. The Axe couple decide to make the mission more interesting by throwing in the space trampoline to whomever chops the better neck. The competition ends in a tie, because Axe Cop and Axe Girl are both awesome at chopping necks, which means the trampoline goes to Grey Diamond. Axe Girl heads back to her planet because girls are stupid.

Our Take

I feel like this week’s episode of Axe Cop suffered from the short run-time. I say this because the battle at the end left a lot to be desired even if we got to see both Axe Girl and Axe Cop. If we had a longer show, I think we would’ve gotten a better fight. That said, I loved delving into Axe Girl’s world, and I hope we get to see more of her. Hexter already seems like a bad-ass character, and her constant bickering with Axe Cop is hysterical. Maybe if I send FOX ADHD writers buckets of candy, they would oblige? Also, thanks to the producers of this show I’ll have REO Speedwagon stuck in my head for the duration of the weekend. THANKS GUYS!


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