Review: Axe Cop ”Axe Cop Saves God”


Spoilers Below

After being sidetracked by the joys of ham, Axe Cop and his team learn from Mr. Chicken Chicken Slice that Satan is on Earth and he’s looking to pick a fight with God. Chicken recruits Axe Cop and his team to go to Heaven and save God once and for all. Thankfully, God is pretty rad, and she gives Axe and his team wings and golden chainsaws to help destroy Satan and be rewarded a HUGE ham.

Our Take

I love ham, too, it’s like heroine. Unfortunately, this week’s episode gets weighed down by more than just ham. For starters, we had so many back stories to get through including Chicken Chicken Slice, Axe Cop’s new dad and origins story, etc and as such I forgot what the hell was going on. That said, the vocal performances for God and Chicken Slice by Kristen Schaal and Jack McBrayer were quite expectedly, strong. But, the plot was just so coarse and I was kind of hoping for a more epic battle at the end, but it wasn’t to be. Axe Cop can save God, but he couldn’t save this episode.



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