Review: American Dad “Seizures Suit Stanny”


It’s about that time to wrap up another season of American Dad. It’s been a decent season with a lot of good episodes, but how was the finale? Read on for the review.

In “Seizures Suit Stanny” Stan lies about having a seizure to avoid the truth about himself texting and driving being exposed. Meanwhile, Steve is having performance anxiety at school when it comes to tests, so Roger coaches him on how to get his confidence back.

Seizures Suit Stanny wasn’t the greatest episode. The story felt a little flat. I was anticipating the story to aim for a higher plateau, but it really went a boring route that didn’t lead to much pay off. There seemed to be a lack of focus. Stan’s story was throwing a lot of information at us in a condensed time, and through all of it, the jokes came across stale. The jokes are always the saving grace of any episode with a story that lacks intrigue. You can tell a bad story, but as long as the journey is funny, nobody seems to complain. When the jokes aren’t funny in a comedy, suddenly all of the other weaknesses begin to show. This episode is a perfect example of that.

The episode had a few strengths. Steve’s story was pretty well done. It was funny, and had a satisfying ending. It really should have been the focus story of the episode because it was done much better than it’s companion. That story itself was all I really enjoyed. That isn’t terrible considering it was still a good chunk of the episode, but I feel like there was a lot of room for improvement in Stan’s story.

Overall, I’m disappointed. This season appears to be whimpering off on a low note, but with some redeeming memories. This episode does not do a good job of reflecting this season. It feels like the writers just wanted to rush through this and head home. Hopefully next season starts off strong and this episode isn’t a sign of things to come.


How did you like “Seizures Suit Stanny”? Like it more than I did? Agree with my thoughts? Let us know!