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Remember that video we posted the other day from the Super Bowl? Well, if you watch it you will notice that the California Raisins were featured in that commercial. Coincidentally, Will Vinton was a producer on the California Raisins Show back when the show aired in the late 80s, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg for the man who pretty much invented the ‘Claymation’ industry and helped produce some Emmy nominated shows such as Gary and Mike and The PJs, the latter of which had scored an award.

Will was nice enough to take part in a Reddit AMA, and although he really didn’t go into MUCH detail into a lot of projects, he did answer a question I had for him and he was nice enough to answer:

John Blabber: Hey Will, any chance of you getting back into TV ala Gary and Mike and the PJs? Both shows are classics and I bet you have a lot of other great ideas that would be great for the small screen

Will Vinton: For a true independent like me, TV is a rough medium. I like it, but it is all so controlled by corporations these days. It’s generally not as much fun as doing one’s own thing! To be honest, I even left my Studio to do more of my own thing! My new company, Vinton Entertainment, is small and virtual! (And virtuous!?!)

So, there you have it folks! Looks like Vinton will be focusing on animated films and live shows for the time being, but there’s no denying that Will has helped produce classic animated content that is still talked about today. Check out the rest of the Reddit AMA right here.

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