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Yesterday, ahead of the Archer Season Six finale, Amber Nash (”Pam”) and Lucky Yates (”Dr. Krieger”) took part in a Reddit AMA session, and we were there for the highlights. See what you missed, down below:

Amber Nash comments on what would happen if an Archer pinball machine were made

That would be the best! I think we’d have to get a pinball company on board and I’m SURE FX and Floyd Co. would be so in to it and then we’d all get one for our house and you’d get one for making it happen. Get to work!

Also, we learned that despite all the meat that Pam eats on the show, Amber is not a meat eater! Also, neither agrees on who is the better cook:

Amber: Lucky is probably a better cook but I do love to cook and it’s true I’m a damned ol vegetarian, well actually pescatarian. I make a killer veggie meatloaf though, even meat eaters like it or they just don’t want to hurt my feelings.

Lucky: Amber cooks more than I do, but she’s a vegetarian and I love cooking meat, so there’s no comparison.

Any similarities between Amber and Pam?

I have a pretty dirty mouth, I have a lot of dude friends, I like to laugh at people being stupid, I have a good heart like Pam and am sad to say that all the other stuff that makes Pam a super gal, I lack.

What about Lucky/Krieger?

Krieger finally going nuts and standing up for himself last week was a blast I wasn’t expecting. He’s such a lone weirdo that zips in and out with outrageous shit, that it was fun to see him stand strong for 3 seconds. At this point I can’t tell the difference between Krieger and myself, anymore. Except for my lack of any technical skill other than puppetry, the line is so blurry between he and I.

Would a Frisky Dingo crossover work?

We’ve had a few Friskys in Archer but not Val yet, that would be fun a Val and Lana face-off would be pretty sexy. I’ve never played Munchkin but now I must.

Is there more Archer Live! on the way? Amber says…

I really really hope so that is how we get to spend time together as a cast since we don’t actually work together. We told Matt Thompson that we wanted to do them again, so we’ll see.

On studio etiquette for Amber:

I’ve probably consumed 10,000 calories just while eating in the booth, just during season 5. I’ve had my fist, pencils, Kleenex, cheese puffs, granola bars and who knows what else in my mouth. Don’t make a wiener joke.

Could Archer be better if recorded as an ensemble cast?

Pam: I would absolutely love to record together. As an actor, I think it’s ideal to play off of other actors but it takes a lot longer when people record together and therefore is more expensive. I’ve gotten used to doing it the way we do and totally don’t mind it since it’s the only way I’ve ever worked. But would love the chance to be with everyone just once.

Lucky: Our editors are so amazing, I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. I mean, I would PREFER to all be in the same room, because we’re all very good friends who don’t get to see one another as often as we’d like. At least I think that’s the case. Wait a minute…

On Amber making hump studios whilst recording:

My favorite was the episode where Pam is humping a gyro, I was in the booth recording the humping noises and I guess they weren’t quite getting what they want and so the EP Matt Thompson (my boss) was like, hey Amber just watch me and make the appropriate sounds, so he’s humping around the studio while I record the hump noises. Again, best bosses and best job ever.

You can check out more of the Reddit AMA here featuring Lucky Yates and Amber Nash. Archer Season Six releases next January on DVD/Blu-Ray.

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