Reddit AMA Recap for @AxeCop creators

Ethan and Malachai Nicolle decided to take over an AMA and both of them had a bunch of Axe Cop to talk about. Check out some highlights after the jump!


It’s been a crazy few weeks for Axe Cop creators Ethan and Malachai Nicolle. From going to Cons and doing premiers to rebooting the web site, these guys are busy (and a big shout out to Ethan for doing a great job). That said, the guys were able to drop by Reddit and take questions from fans. Here are some highlights:

On the Possibility of an animated cross-over with Dr. McNinja

Ethan: Who knows, anything is possible. Axe Cop getting a TV show on FOX is proof of that.(Creator) Chris Hastings is one of my favorite dudes in comics. He is one of the funniest writers, and most humble creators I know. We have similar sensibilities and styles and we have a lot of mutual respect for one another’s work. I think that we could work together well on any project. Malachai, Chris and I actually met up at San Diego Comic Con two years ago to discuss another, longer story where Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja team up again, but we have both been so busy it has not happened yet.

On the Future of the Axe Cop franchise

Ethan: I think that as things progress we will naturally do what we need to if we want to keep making Axe Cop comics. I think that Malachai has set up a world and a character that can only be written sing childlike thought. The TV writers will be forced to do their best to think that way, and I think that when we write Axe Cop together, we will have to think that way. I think letting other kids guest write story lines is a possibility as well, and maybe even other team ups between comic artists and kids. I think that Malachai and I will probably continue to revisit Axe Cop throughout our lives… but even if we don’t, if Axe Cop is finite and it ends as soon as Malachai hits puberty, that is fine with me. I’ll be proud to have created that monument to imagination and I think he books will live on.

Is Malachai the coolest cool in school?

Malachai: No they just are very happy about my success. I don’t know if they are jealous. But if you want to talk about if I brag, you should talk to my Dad about that. He’s the one who brags about Axe COp. Like to every person he meets.

Were there other companies interested in Axe Cop??

Ethan: There were other companies that approached us, but the deals didn’t feel right for us. We went with this one because we got to keep rights and keep making our comic after the show came out.

In all honesty, I am not generally a big fan of “adult” cartoons. Too often they seem to be trying too hard to be naughty, or ironic. I’m not a stoner, so the stoner-centric humor isn’t for me. Axe Cop fits into the genre by accident… but it is something those other shows generally aren’t, and that is really sincere. Axe Cop is a product of child wonder, most adult animation is a product of jaded adults.

I’m thankful for ADHD because they have done an awesome thing with Axe Cop, they have worked very hard on it and they kept it very faithful to the comics. I have not seen much of the other stuff ADHD is putting out, and whether or not I like it, I love what they have done with Axe Cop.


There’s a lot more and you can tell Malachai was having a good time. Check out the rest of the chat here and tune in for an all new Axe Cop this Saturday Night @ 11pm EST, check your local listings!

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