Reddit AMA Recap: Dash Shaw and Jane Samborski on MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL SINKING INTO THE SEA

When free press is available, you can bet your ass Gkids will take advantage!

With the limited theatrical premiere of MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL SINKING INTO THE SEA coming this Friday, Lead Animator Jane Samborski and Director Dash Shaw took part in a Reddit AMA session to help do the only promotion that Gkids will probably do for the film until next January when it’s looking for the Academy Award nominations. Check out highlights below:

The company byline about working with Gkids

We worked under the assumption that no one would be interested and it would just disappear. We are so honored that Gkids saw something in our work and is helping us bring it to more people. Every time it’s shown feels like a wonderful dream. The reception and support has exceeded anything we expected. -Jane

On how the producers got into animation

I started doing animations pretty young, I was like a lot of creative kids just playing around with the video camera my parents had. I got much more serious about it in college. I started out in illustration but felt like still images just didn’t DO enough. I switched to animation and found that suited me. I like that you could but two images next to each other, and get more than their sum. -Jane

I always wanted to make animations but it felt impossible, inaccessible. Then I saw you could make gifs in photoshop easily, by scanning actual drawings, and so you could make traditional animation using a computer and it didn’t have to look computer-y. When I saw that I immediately thought “you could make an entire animated movie!” -Dash

On how the voice cast came together

It started with people I knew already. I had met Jason Schwartzman many years ago. And I met Lena Dunham at the Sundance labs. John Cameron Mitchell and I did a Sigur Ros video together, and I did the comics in his rabbit hole movie starring nicole kidman. Others too. So then we got them on board and were able to go to people I didn’t know (like susan sarandon) and were able to show them a lot of the movie drawn already, animated, and the other people involved. It was fantastic. They’re truly the soul of the cartoon. -Dash

The thought process in making the movie

I wanted to make a painterly disaster movie, explosive, like an art hollywood movie. Lots of the anime I saw growing up, in the nineties, were about schools in danger. Like every episode of Sailor Moon was a monster attacking a school. I think it’s about capturing the turmoil of that time. -Dash

There’s more to the Reddit AMA that you can read here. Check out a trailer and get screening info here.

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