Pull List Preview: Dark Horse, Bongo, and DC Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Axe Cop: The American Choppers #2


The Chainsaw Force Three are struck by Demonitis when they accidentally cut down a hell tree! When they sabotage the axe industry, causing axes everywhere to turn into evil chopping creatures, the resulting Axe Beast conflict may prove too much for Axe Cop to handle!

Bongo Comics

Simpsons Comics #212


Power mad powerbroker Mr. Burns makes another power grab on the pocketbooks of the citizens of Springfield with his newest power-propelled product – the electric car! After all, those greenhorn Greenpeace-niks needs some form of clean energy transportation to promote their anti-greenhouse gas activities that runs, of course, on electricity provided by the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant! Everyone is pretty happy about it, except for the Rich Texan who discovers that Mr. Burns’ new vehicles are tapping into his copious crude oil cash reserves! 

DC Comics

MAD #528


Here’s a scary thought — a new issue of MAD will be on sale soon! Our newest issue features a spine-tingling take on Kimye’s marriage, as well as Sergio Aragonés’ A MAD Look at Captain America: Winter Soldier, our song parody of Pharrell Williams “Happy,” our spoofs of both True Detectives and The Huffington Post, and a damaging look at Godzilla! All this, plus The Fundalini PagesPlanet TadThe MAD Fold-InThe Strip Club and much more! Pick MAD #528 up on June 17th, or you’ll be haunted by your mistake forever!

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