Outlaw Star coming to DVD/Blu-Ray from Funimation

Better late than never.

In 2013, Funimation purchased a handful of I.P.’s from the animation team “Sunrise” who were best known for their critically acclaimed works in anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy but now another classic is getting the revival treatment it deserves, Outlaw Star!

Thanks to Funimation’s efforts, Outlaw Star is now available for pre-order as both a collectors edition and a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo and a “Regular Edition” Blu-Ray/DVD Combo. It’s kind’ve a big deal since the DVD collections released by Bandai have been out of print since 2006.

The series follows the adventures of Gene Starwind, a jack-of-all-trades responsible for odd jobs and bounty hunting with his partner, Jim Hawking. Stuck on a rundown planet, he’s going nowhere fast. But when a bodyguard job goes sideways, he finds himself the proud owner of the Outlaw Star and on an adventure to find the mysterious “Galactic Leyline”. Facing space pirates and dangers galore, can he survive the journey through space.

I fondly both remembered & enjoyed the series out of sheer nostalgia when it was on Toonami, however, some Toonami episodes were heavily censored to some degree and even one episode was banned due to having excessive nudity.

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